Los niños son importantes en Nido del Condor: tenemos menú de niños en la carta, opciones para celíacos, los mejores coordinadores de actividades infantiles y las mejores babysitters si queres contratar alguna para salir a cenar o simplemente relajarte.


Every place is a different experience depending on who we go with: Bariloche is completely different if you go on a honeymoon, with friends or with your family. What season of the year you are visiting in is also an important factor: winter sports and skiing are totally opposite to beaches, mountain trekking and all the water and eco-adventure activities of the summer.

Traveling with babies or children is a different experience: I remember the feeling that every trip was like moving out and the stress of having to react the quickly to any need. When we dreamt of having a boutique hotel in Bariloche we imagined it in a way so that our future guests really felt like in “their own home”. Thus were born the Lodges with a Lake view and the Family Suites of 2 large rooms (the cabins too but they are much larger).

The Lake Lodge is special for couples with babies because everything is cute and romantic for micro-moments (enjoying the fireplace with that The spectacular view of Nahuel Huapi Lake is something unique) and at the same time it has an area with a fully equipped kitchen and dining room where you can arrange your baby’s food quickly without having to rely on the time it takes for the room service. You also have good storage cabinets, you can ask for a stroller some have to work and need peace of mind- half of the Lodges has the kitchen and dining area as a separate environment in a beautiful bow-window overlooking the waterfall, which gives them privacy that any of you may need.

In this special moment, with all the precautions and measures that come within the Covid-19 Protocol, we can say that choosing a Hotel in Bariloche – or anywhere for that matter – involves considering every detail: and honestly, a place like the Nido del Cóndor Hotel is probably the safest option, since all our rooms have independent access, or share a spacious hall every 2 rooms, so in that way you always circulate outdoors until the entrance of your Suite or Cabin.

There are no long corridors or confined spaces to put you in risky situations. This is an added value that they cannot offer you in Hotels where you need to take elevators from the Lobby and walk down long corridors to your room. Another important detail is that our rooms are really spacious, and include distanced chairs, desks, dining rooms and living rooms to enjoy comfortably – as if you were in your own home-. Impersonal lobbies are no longer necessary when you have private spaces that give you everything you can dream of. Our decks and gardens will always be waiting for you to enjoy while you have a glass of champagne or beer accompanied by our pickles, cold cuts, waffles and crepes.

On the other hand, the restaurant of Nido del Condor Hotel in Bariloche has a children’s menu, and if they are allergic to something or celiac, our patissiere will always prepare various delicacies for them.

In peak season of summer, winter and Easter – (or whenever there are at least 5 kids interested) – the Kid’s Club offers activities of all kinds for the little ones: scavenger hunts, sports and games in the forest when the weather is nice, and when it is not: soccer championships, learning to do handmade soap or candles or different activities in the Kid’s Club. Fun for the little ones is guaranteed and with it, the relaxation of parents who can take advantage of it to enjoy an afternoon Spa, with a session of mud therapy, massages, reiki or reflexology.

Bariloche is a spectacular place to travel with young children. In the next note we are going to talk about some of the many activities that can be done with them. Don’t miss it!!!

¡El mejor precio acá! 👇🏻