La pileta climatizada del Hotel Nido del Condor ofrece en Bariloche diversión con vista al lago. Pileta climatizada in-out, baño turco, sauna , jacuzzi y duchas escocesas para disfrutar todo el dia en el mas lindo Spa de Bariloche! Vení a disfrutar un Dia de Spa en Nido del Condor.

Spa in Bariloche

The word “Spa” comes from the latin phrase “salus per  aquam”, that translates to “health through the water”. It is the water that is present at every step of the process, leading towards a state or relaxation and wellbeing.

Enjoying a spa in a luxury hotel in Bariloche is a dream come true. Some hotel spas are exclusively used by hotel guests and others accept external visitors. Whatever the case may be, a Patagonian Spa must take advantage of the regional natural products. Rosehip, lavander, natural oils, forest berries, mushrooms and mud are used to prepare lotions, oils, and everything needed for spa treatments.

Nido del Condor Hotel & Spa offers a water circuit that includes a climatized pool, sauna, turkish bath, scottish showers and jacuzzi. We also offer reiki sessions, reflexology, lymphatic drainage (recommended for pregant women and third age guests). We offer different types of massages and strongly recommend our rituals: a multiple-hour long experience including spa treatments, exfoliation, mud therapy and more.

Our massage therapists have qualified to work during this time, following COVID-19 protocols and guaranteeing there is no risk in the treatments.

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