Mariana Aragón

Travel to Bariloche, Argentina

We were thinking about ways of sharing with you information about our beloved Bariloche, so we thought of this Blog. We don’t want you to be the typical tourist, the one that goes sightseeing but never gets to see the real essence of this wonderful place, missing things they never even know they missed.  We came from Buenos Aires, a city couple that fell in love with Bariloche. We dreamed of this hotel as a couple, but continued building it and modifying it as our kids were born and grew up. Our project changed and adapted as much as we did! This is how we discovered the romantic side of Bariloche first, followed by the family-friendly side, and finally: all of its hidden secrets and marvels, that we are able to share with our teenage children now. Visiting Bariloche is getting to know the Nahuel Huapi lake, the Cerro Catedral, the Cerro Otto, the Ventisquero Negro and the 40 lakes around it, but its also so much more! Visiting Bariloche is experiencing immensity, adventure, relaxation, skiing, kayaking, mountain biking, and more. It is the red and yellow in the fall; the colorful tulips in the spring; the endless days, trips to the lake, swimming sessions and adventures in summer. Bariloche allows you to enjoy your honeymoon, and adapts to you, so you can bring your children as your family grows. We want to tell you about Bariloche´s secrets and hidden treasures, so you can enjoy it all when you visit us! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! 

The day we opened our doors to our first guests
July 1st, 1999, with my friend Maria Elena Cúpolo, who, as an architect, designed and led the first construction process in the hotel. The day we opened our doors to our first guests! Our expressions show  tiredness and happiness…. Mission accomplished!
¡El mejor precio acá! 👇🏻