Spa y Relax

Spa y Relax

Our cozy spa offers you:

We offer you a curated variation of relaxing and beauty treatments made for you.

Every beauty, relaxation and anti-stress treatment of our ACQUA SPA / HEALTH CLUB only uses hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested products. For some treatments, top quality organic regional products are used and in other cases, we select the most suitable products from the best national and international brands.


Spa de Nido del Condor, tu hotel en Bariloche. Con reiki, fangoterapia y masajes en el Spa del Hotel Nido del Condor.


Massages have been used for almost 5000 years to promote personal wellbeing.

TUI NA (China)

Relieving massage50 min I 80 min

Acts on the most tense areas, focusing on inflammations and contractures.

Relaxing Reiki Massage

Relaxing Reiki Massage50 min

Japanese Buddhism designed Reiki, a massage that focuses on overall relaxation.   

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage 50 min

As it was done in China in 1700 BCE. We alleviate pain with hot stones that are heated at different temperatures to allow different pressures on the skin.

Relaxing massage for pregnant women

Relaxing massage for pregnant women50 min

Designed to promote the baby’s well being and the mother´s circulation. It lowers anxiety levels, muscle tensions, and prevents varicose veins and cellulite.

Relaxing massage for elderly

Relaxing massage for elderly 50 min

Specially adapted reflexology. Use of essential lavender oils that help promote circulation, and work against depression and rheumatism

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage50 min

Special massage therapy that alleviates heaviness of the arms and legs. Ideal for toning the body and promoting energy. 

Sports Massage

Sports Massage (after skiing) 50 min

Ideal to build muscle strength healthily.

Junto con el circuito hidrico, el Spa con Sauna, en el mejor Hotel de Bariloche


From Ancient Egypt all the way to us. The best skin care method.


Well being therapy based on active stimulating, revitalizing and moisturizing qualities of cocoa.  

Traditional Mud Therapy

Facial and full-body. Mud has active qualities that help regulate stress, anxiety and insomnia with antiseptic and purifying effects. Helps with toning the body and elasticity. 


Uses algae to treat body pain and inflammation. Helps with toning the body and elasticity. 



Feel and undergo a unique experience

TRAWA Ritual

An energy-boosting ritual (reactivation)

Duration: 100 minutes. Mapuche for “Skin”

TUE Ritual

A ritual for balance

Duration: 90 minutes. Mapuche for “Earth”
Nido del Condor Hotel & Spa tiene Dia de Spa donde podes disfrutar del sauna, duchas escocesas, baño turco, pileta climatizada y jacuzzi además de reservar los mejores tratamientos de bienestar como reiki, masajes, fangoterapia y reflexologia.


Foot and Hand Reflexology

Focuses on applying pressure on specific spots of the hands and feet to fight against pains and muscle tensions

Anti-Aging Face Mask with gentle exfoliation

We select the mask that benefits you the most, selecting from nutritious, moisturizing, scrub, and relaxing masks. 

Deep Body Exfoliation

Helps with providing softness to the skin and toning the body, by getting rid of dead skin cells. 

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