We want you to know that many important changes are being made in the hotel’s way of operating, in order to assure each one of our customers a completely safe stay facing the global Covid-19 pandemic.

  • NATURAL ADVANTAGES: our 28 Suites and Cabins are distributed in one full hectare, and the room entrances are always individual. There is no need of walking through long closed corridors that connect many rooms, which would be a potential danger for the spreading of the virus.
  • WAYS OF ENTERING THE HOTEL: we have already installed a sanitizing portal in which every person who wants to enter the hotel will have to go through. You will be able to the the Check-In and Check-Out via online, or directly from your room without having to go to the Front Desk.
  • CLEANING PRESSURE TEMPERATURE PISTOLS: our staff is trained to use them
  •  DISTANCING PROTECTIVE SCREENS: there is one already positioned in the Front-Desk and more are being installed in the Bar and the Spa.
  • ROOM ENTRANCE: our hotel rooms were designed with the objective of providing our guests with the privacy they need. That is why all of our Suite and Lodges entrances are positioned every two rooms, and merging in a common space of about 3 or 4 squared meters. This area will be sanitized every time guests come in or out. The Cabins, on the other hand, have completely individual entrances positioned far away from any other guests.
  • BREAKFAST-DINNER: every Cabin, Suite and Lodge (70% of the hotel) have a Kitchen/Kitchenette and wide, spacious dining rooms where you can have your breakfast and dinner. You will have the opportunity of enjoying our outstanding breakfast, according to what you choose to order from our Menu (our vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options are still available). The remaining 9 rooms will be able to choose between Room Service, or go to the Restaurant or our outdoor Deck, taking turns, as we’ve set up a maximum of 5 indoor tables and 3 outdoor tables.
  • SOCIAL AREAS: our Solarium, Decks and garden with arranged tables and seats with a minimum of 3 meters of distance. 
  • HAND SANITIZER: we are offering free hand sanitizer dispensers in each of our common areas
  • FOOD AND DRINKS SERVICE: we offer baskets with packed lunches prepared with every safety and hygiene measures so that our guests can choose a healthy lunch when going for a day activity.
  • SPA – HEALTH CLUB: our dry sauna, turkish bath, and scottish showers are only going to be available in the maximum temperatures specified by the health authorities. Guests will have to take turns so that our staff can get cleaned in a safe way. We are still awaiting for the rules of the use of our indoor heated pool with the recommended temperatures for the Covid-19.
  • PERSONAL CAR OR CAR RENTAL: we have made a partnership with two additional companies besides Rent a Car and in every reservation we encourage our guests to come in their car or to rent one. We offer a list of more than 50 activities and circuits of diverse durations that our guests can do on their own, following the itinerary and tips from our staff.
  • TRAINED STAFF: our staff has been in training for more than 4 weeks now with instructions and classes given by the Association of Hotels and Tourism, and doing a specialized coaching focused on the hygiene, safety, and social distancing measures for each one of our guests.

Come over to enjoy Bariloche in Nido del Condor Hotel & Spa. Your health is safe with us!